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3518 discharge augers Sep 2011 c Hotrot 3518 Composting Unit

The HotRot 3518 is the largest single unit and is constructed from pre-cast concrete or pre-fabricated steel sections. Designed to be used by larger municipalities and sewage treatment plants, multiple units can process any quantity of organic waste but HotRot generally recommends plant of less than 180tpd to minimise transportation distances and local impacts.

Koniambo HotRot 1811 Composting Unit

The basic HotRot 1811 configuration incorporates a bin-lifter feed unit. The periodic feeding resulting from the use of a bin-lifter results in a reduced overall throughput. This system is design for situations where staff are undertaking other activities in the same general area (i.e., a waste management facility at a remote camp) or where a lower throughput is acceptable.

1206 video still HotRot 1206 Composting Unit

The baby of the HotRot range, the 1206, is designed to process food waste from canteens and commercial premises.

Using the sorting table HotRot Screwtech Dewatering Sorting Table

The HotRot Screwtech dewatering sorting table consists of a screw press integrated into a stainless steel food sorting table on to which waste can be tipped using a bin-lifter. The operator is able to inspect the waste tipped onto the table and remove any gross contamination before pushing the material off the table and into the dewatering screw.

10 cum feed hopper HotRot Screwtech Feed Hoppers

HotRot Screwtech feed hoppers are manufacture in various sizes up to 25m3 capacity. Smaller 2.5 and 4.5m3 hoppers are suitable for single 1811s, larger 10 and 15m3 hoppers are suited for multiple 1811s and the largest 25m3 hopper is designed for a single 3518 (larger hoppers for multiple 3518 installations are custom built using “walking floor” technology.

Melbourne discharge HotRot Screwtech Augers

Shaftless augers are the preferred equipment for material transport. Shaftless augers are fully contained prevent access by vermin and eliminating material loss and odour release. While often more costly than belt conveyors initially they more than pay for themselves in lower maintenance and clean-up costs.

HotRot 2200 trommel screen HotRot Trommel Screen

HotRot offers two versions of its proprietary trommel screen. A smaller screen is designed for on-line use with one or two HotRot 1811s and integrates with the standard incline discharge auger. A larger stand-alone trommel screen is designed for loading with a small loader or “Bobcat”; this unit can also be supplied with product handling and stacking conveyors.

Bin lift tipping  

Specialist bin-tippers for handling 120 and 240-litre wheelie bins (30 and 60-gallon trash carts) as well as larger 660- and 1000-litre waste bins (175 and 265-gallon dumpsters)