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HotRot Odour Free Guarantee

Global Composting Solutions guarantees that HotRot plant designed, installed and operated according to our guidelines will not result in odour problems for your business or community.

HotRot’s units are supplied with an odour free guarantee so can be located proximate to urban areas

The composting process releases gases that smell. As a fully enclosed in-vessel composting system, HotRot technology ensures that these gases are adequately managed and do not reach noses that will be offended by them. Importantly, plant operators are not exposed to the composting atmosphere, reducing the risk of respiratory illness or disease and providing a more comfortable work environment.

The OdourFree Guarantee is underpinned by:

  • Operating procedures to minimise odour generation
  • Containment by design
  • Effective odour treatment

As far as we are aware, Global Composting Solutions is the only commercial composting plant manufacturer in the world to offer a contractual odour free guarantee