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Global Composting Solutions is the global supplier of HotRot in-vessel composting systems which take the nuisance out of large scale composting. We design, build and install turnkey organic waste treatment plants  for organisations looking for a clean, simple composting solution.

The HotRot equipment is designed to compost large amounts of putrescible waste for councils, waste collection/ processing companies and commercial organic waste producers such as food processors and breweries. It is also ideal for organic waste composting at zoos, universities, resorts and remote site organic waste disposal e.g mining, oil and gas projects. Where necessary Global Composting offers a complete integrated solution from waste collection, pre-processing and sorting, through to composting and end-product use.

The plants are completely enclosed and are the only composting systems in the world supplied with a contractual odour free guarantee This makes them ideal for composting highly putrescible waste streams such as source separated organics (food waste), sewage sludge or biosolids and diapers/ nappies and absorbent hygiene waste (AHW).

HotRot technology is simple to operate, requires minimal space, has low labour/ maintenance requirements and is leachate free. As landfill costs increase and environmental regulations continue to tighten, HotRot in-vessel sytems are a compelling proposition for the processing of organic waste.