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On-Site Composting

If you are a large business or institution concerned about the greenhouse gas emissions, transport costs and landfill costs associated with your organic waste disposal then consider composting it on-site and utilising the product.

Food waste disposal for resorts, hospitals, prisons, zoos and hospitals can be taken care of on-site. HotRot's units have a small footprint and are easy to operate. The composted material can be used on gardens/ vegetation within the grounds or for local crop production.

On-Site Composting
The Business Case

The cost of disposal of waste through traditional means is increasing at a dramatic rate. In some regions waste disposal costs have increased 300% or more in the last 10 years.

Many universities, zoos and specialist processors such as breweries and abattoirs are seeing profit margins reduced by a number of factors.

Reduce Costs and Generate Revenue

Taking control of waste disposal and processing may be a way of not only reducing current costs but putting a cap on these for years to come.

Installing a HotRot composting system offers the potential to convert a waste into a compost product that can be sold or at worst given away.

In some cases compost can be used on-site for landscaping or to fertilise gardens growing fruit and vegetables.

Because the HotRot system is fully enclosed and automated, labour requirements are minimised and the system can be located in relatively public areas: one university has a HotRot system very close to lecture theatres, two zoos have their systems right next door to public areas and the HotRot unit at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is even a prominent part of the public tour.

Leasing and Finance options

For smaller systems HotRot may also be able to offer off-balance sheet lease financing or extended payment terms.

Technical Benefits

The HotRot system is a compact, modular and fully enclosed composting system that allows on-site processing of waste.

The HotRot system is easy to operate requiring minimal labour (generally less than 1.0-1.5 hours per day); in some cases there is no more effort required than would be involved in tipping waste in to a traditional waste compactor.

Global Composting Solutions offers a contractual OdourFree Guarantee allowing each HotRot system to be located conveniently close to where waste is produced.

The HotRot 1206 and HotRot 1811 are ideally suited for on-site applications and can be linked with bin-lifter feed units or integrated hoppers, dewatering sorting tables and even trommel screens for processing the compost.

Compost produced by the HotRot system is highly stable and does not produce objectionable odours (typical compost quality).

Built to Last

The HotRot technology is designed to ensure a long service life. Many components are manufactured from stainless steel, fibreglass and other wear or corrosion resistant materials.

Routine maintenance consists of regular grease and annual gearbox oil changes, all of which can be undertaken by any competent operator.

Support and Maintenance

Global Composting Solutions offers a range of on-going support packages ranging from on-call technical support to routine and extended annual maintenance/inspection.

Environmental Benefits

For companies and organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint on-site composting has been shown to reduce GHG emissions by approximately 1.0 tonne of CO2 equivalents per tonne of organic waste processed, when compared to landfill with gas capture (EPAStudySolidWasteandGHG). Compost can be used on-site for gardens and lawns and can reduce irrigation and fertiliser needs by as much as 50%.

Processing waste on-site reduces truck movements, especially during the early hours of the morning, which is a common time for waste haulers to visit a site.

Even where compost cannot be used on site, the material can be safely stored and removed from site at a convenient time.

organic compost spreadingCompost can be donated to various groups for fundraising activities providing a social benefit to the community, or used for projects like community gardens which are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. 

One Global Composting customer (Sierra Nevada Brewery) uses their compost to support an on-site vegetable garden that not only provides produce for the on-site restaurant but also allows staff to grow their own fresh vegetables for home.